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transmission oil maintenance

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I finally received my An650 owner's manaul. After reading it twice there is absolutely no mention of how to check or maintain the transmission oil. Does anyone know how to check it and where on the bike it is refilled?

Incidentally, this owner's manual is very poor by comparison to the publications put out by Honda and Aprilia for their scoots. It does not make it easy for the newbie to find the areas on the bike that are being illustrated. Having said that, does anyone know if Hayes or Clymer sells a book for this scoot?
Thanks for any information anyone is able to provide
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service manual

As far as I know only Suzuki make a service manual for the Burgman, I have one on order, has not come in yet as the dealer says they are on backorder from Japan, looks like everyone is ordering them because the owners manual sucks.

Here is a link to Yahoo files on trans oil location ... ... %20Oil.jpg

Greg ...
Thanks so very much for the illustrated instruction regarding the transmission oil. Now it sort of makes sense![/b]
By the way, is it possible to download this shop manual? If so what's the address? Thanks

I think it's on this site somewhere, but not shore if web site still has it

It is in Acrobat format

I do have a copy, if you can't find it I will try to find it on the web again

Let me know

Greg ...
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Here it is -

***To protect BUSA from copywrite infringement, this link has been removed from open forum.***

But I think it is no longer avail ...

Greg ...

If you need info let me know
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You are correct...cassola is no longer available. I'll try to get the manual from the dealer. I understand that the more traditional sources such as Clymer and Hayes do not publish a manual. thanks again!
If you have msn chat Foxy maybe we can arrange an online chat :wink: I also have the PDF format manual. It took awhile to d/l but I'm sure we could find a fair bit to talk about :wink:
transmission oil


thanks for the information on the location of the transmission oil filler and the way to refill it. I've been off the forum for a while and haven't had a chance to say thanks
:wink: glad to help
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