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Toys for Tots

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Yesterday, sunday, I rode the Charleston SC Police/Marine Corps Toys for Tots Run. The local tricounty police sponsor the ride. (As an aside, next sunday, ABATE SC has a similar run) The ride started in the parking lot of Charleson Colleseum (that's not spelled right) and went for 53 miles through Charleston and Dorchester County. The police did a marvelous job of protecting the riders; they even shut down 8 miles of I-26. The ride ended in a Charleston Park and they had a Bar-B-Q feed.

Now, there were 700 to 1000 m/c's in attendance, depending on who you credit with fact. I walked the parking lot before and after. Lots and Lots of HD and HD wannabes. A scattering of GW's, two V-8 BOSS HOGS, four BMW's, 1 Ducati, a hand full of assorted crotch rockets and one, count 'em, one silver '03 650 Burgman.

Lord in heaven, it was LOUD! I was appalled at how many of them did not know how to ride in a group. While the police did a great job of controlling traffic, I could never relax because the HD riders were all over the place. I finally managed to align myself with a group of GW's and at least they maintained consistant distance and riding etiquette. We were near the rear of the pack. I counted seven riders alongside the road with side panels off and tool kits laid out. Probably don't need to mention what brand. One was a police motorcycle.

A final note, some of the loudest m/c's there were the black and whites. Funny, Charleston has a noise ordinance that will get a civilian a ticket in a heart beat.

All in all, it was a good ride once I found some stable people to ride with. When we pulled in to the pard at the end, one concerned police officer approached me and asked with a very serious tone, if my motorscooter had any problems keeping up. Oh well, I wonder what's going to happen next weekend with the ABATE run? 'Specially when I wear my helmet. (I'm against helmet laws. I won't ride without one. I'm fifty-nine-years-old. I don't need or want to be told what to do. If safety is such a concern, outlaw skiing. More injuries there than on m/c's.)

Sorry about the last rant. I get that way sometimes.
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