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Well gang I just got back from my visit to the Toronto bike show. They had the '04 Burgman there and I'm afraid to announce that regardless to what we have all read the '04 is identical in every way shape and form to the '03 :( No electric mirrors,no abs, nothing!
I did spy however a new machine (new to me anyways) from Yamaha. They call it the Majesty400. It looks a lot like the Burger. I took a couple of pics for you all to judge on your own. Just click on the link.

On another note I did find another manufacturer of top cases that will fit on the Burgman. They have there own mounting bracket and everything. I will post more on this in the aftermarket thread. Ok Ok I also need the time to go through my bag of goodies and find all the pertinent info for you all. I believe I have web sites they gave me and I have to check them out for myself first :D .
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