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Top Speed of a Burgi 400

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O.k. Everyone the top speed for the 650 Italian guy seems to be 119. What about the top speed of a 400. And does the 400 ride comfortably at 80 without vibrations?

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Welcome Evelyn,

I had my 400, when I had it, to 95 indicated.

Here is a thread that should help answer your questions. ... +speed+400

Personally, I think crusing @ 80 on a 400, for a long duration is not the best, a 650 would be better for that. Shorter bursts (10-20 miles) should no problem riding solo.

There are 400 riders that would disagree with me on that.
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I agree, the 400 is comfortable at 60-70 mph but feels like its busy. At 80, its still really smooth but its working. The rpms are getting up there even though the engine is designed to take it, it feels more comfortable at legal speeds.
Hi Evelyn
.....and sorry I dd not welcome you to the forum when I responded to my first post, - WELCOME :hello2:

Lets talk indicated speeds, remembering the 400 speedo reads approx 6% fast.

The maximum speed of your Burger depends upon a number of factors, not least the all up weight and accessories but also the condition of the machine (tune) and importantly - belt wear.

I am 196 pounds and when riding with a stock screen on an English summer day would get up to a speed of 95 very easily. With a following wind and a downhill gradient I guess an indicated 100 is achievable if you persist.

The Burger is very happy at an indicated 80 or 85 mph. There is no vibration as such - just the sweet signature you expect from a single thumper. I am also of the school that an engine needs to work - and should be designed for it! If you are doing this for an extended distance it would be kind of prudent to check your oil level at say, each (or alternate) fuel stop.

Of course, if you have accessorised (large screen + huge top box) then this will affect this performance, as will carrying a pillion.

The short answer is the 400 will do what you ask no problemo, however the Lardy will do it in a more relaxed fashion and with more in reserve, but then again - so would a Dodge Viper! :wink:
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I suscribe totally with what Norman just said. Mine runs happily at 80 out on the vibrations at any speed.
Top speed on my 400 is more then enough to get a speeding ticket :(
I agree almost

ted clement said:
I suscribe totally with what Norman just said. Mine runs happily at 80 out on the vibrations at any speed.
I also agree that the 400 seems to be very happy at 80 mph and is very smooth, however I am more comfortable at 70 or below, even 60 or 65 and below.
As stated in the thread listed above, I've had mine to 95 (indicated) and it was slow going from 90 to 95. The bike was stock and I'm around 225 pounds. The 400 will handle 80 MPH easily though the engine is 'singing' at that speed.
Keep in mind that wind makes a huge difference in the max speed on these big scoots. You could easily see a 10 mph difference depending on the conditions. I had my Majesty up to 99 mph indicated, but it was very windy that day. Based upon my experience on other bikes of similar displacement I believe that the Majesty could hit an indicated 105 in ideal conditions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these machines aren't designed to maintain top speeds for a long time. Riding at the speed limit or close to it should give you years of reliable service.
Speeding Ticket? say that like you have some experience in the matter! :wink:
NormanB said:
The short answer is the 400 will do what you ask no problemo, however the Lardy will do it in a more relaxed fashion and with more in reserve, but then again - so would a Dodge Viper! :wink:


When we had our Dodge Viper I had it up to 140 mph, on a race track, and it still had lots to give. I don't think my Lardy can do that and I don't think I would want it to. So far Clyde, my 650, has been up to 90 mph indicated and smooth as silk.

According to a Garmin V GPS I've had mine to 143km/h which is about 89mp/h if I'm not mistaken. The speedo needle was in between 155km/h and 160km/h.

At that stage I was about to run out of road so gave up on trying to make the needle hit the last mark on the speedo dial. :D
As expected, I did manage to get an indicated 105 mph while chasing down an unexpecting pair of sportbike riders (Hyabusa & GSX-R 600). At first I thought I was only reaching that speed when getting close to their draft, but once I passed them up they shot past me and while hanging wide open I stayed at the same speed pushing my own air. The ride was very controlled and left no reason to worry about stability. A couple of lane changes at that speed also proved that upsetting the chassis would require a good crosswind or major bumps ... so very impressive over all.

I just cannot express the surprise on the riders faces when we stopped later ... much respect was gained for big scoots that day.

Now I can slow down and enjoy the ride :lol:
Top speed of Burgi 400


I've had her up to 85 on the freeway (easily) and there was still more throttle if I needed it! I doubt I'll ever need more than that but think I might want a 650 for touring.

Burgwoman400 USA
Well now I can answer my own question. I had the 400 up to 85 with no sweat but decided this is not a good thing on a brand new scoot, so slowed down to 70-75. The scooter to me just sings at that speed and is very comfortable to ride. I am beginning to tell when I am riding around 50 as it has that coffee grinder noise that I guess people have been talking about. It's not completely annoying and one get's use to it.

I have to bring the B in for my 600 mile 1st service in a couple of days. Hopefully my Corbin seat will be in (it's been about a month now).
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