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Hi everyone. I have had my Burg 400 since June 30. Have 1100 miles on it today. I have added the Givi windshield and a headlight modulator. My wife renamed the scooter "Burgy Blinkman". I like the scooter a lot but have not ridden too much because of daytime temperatures at or near 100 and humidity to match. Just too doggone hot to be fun. Looking forward to cooler weather so I can make some weekend trips. :D

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Tony from Texarkana / Keeping Cooler

I made a seat ventilator from one used in cars. It really helps to keep cool where it counts.
You can pick one up at an auto parts store for around $10-20.

Separate the two halves then carefully remove the mesh woven material from the halved springs and frames.
Then cut one of the rectangular frames down to the size of your motorcycle seat.
Any overhang from the seat dimensions is uncomfortable to the inner thighs. Smaller is better.
Rejoin the frame into the new seat size while moving the springs around to new places. You do not have to remove any springs.
Use a sewing machine to stich borders of woven mesh material to new size and add velcro. The velcro will hold your ventilator onto the seat back velcro.

Not only does a motorcycle seat size ventilator keep you cooler, rain exits past the ventilator, drying you off quicker.
It took several summers for my cool ventilator seat to rust.


On my 4 state excersions to Southen Illinois (humid), the dog days of summer are cooler and dryer to and from Devils Kitchen Lake to canoe while using my own custom cool ventilator seat on my Burgman 650.
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