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Tone Ring For ABS

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I have my tires mounted and balance at a local dealer off the scooter, should I take off the tone ring before having the tires mounted? Just in case the dealer accidentally bends it?

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Buffalo said:
It's a matter of personal preference and how much you trust the dealer. I've had 13 rear tires mounted on my Exec now by my local dealer. I've never taken the tone ring off and they have never bent it.
Like said, trust matters. If the dealer works on most modern bikes with ABS, leave it on. But if you take it to "Willie's Harley speed shop and Tattoo Parlor" take it off.

Craig, you'd be about 2/3's thru your 3rd Darkside tire by now. :twisted: Bridgestone should send you a free set as a loyal customer.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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