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Tires-Hard or Soft

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I just put a new Shinko on the rear of my 650 Burg. The max pressure recommended was 42 psi. I put it up there after seating the bead and the reduced to 40. Feels a little hard in the ride. I was wondering though if it is too hard for safe cornering at speed. Should I let out some air? I did notice that in the few curves I was able to get to during a trial run of 20 miles, the bike really dug into the curves on the rear but felt like it was trying to go into them too quick and heading for the inside. Is this just the new tread doing a better job than the old tire or is it too hard? Any ideas? :?
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42 lbs. may be the max. pressure on the sidewall of the tire,
but the label under the seat is the recommended pressure
for best riding on your scoot...
just like a car...the mfg. posts a recommended pressure
for that model of vehicle, regardless of the 'max pressure'
labeled on the sidewall of a tire.
Try that, & see if it helps. Then make pressure adjustments
to suit yourself.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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