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Tire tread direction question?

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I put a new rear michelin city grip on my bike about a week ago and decided to put one on the front. Got it in yesterday and started looking at it and in my mind it looks backward if I run it the way it says the grooves will push water under the tire not away, am I not understanding something?


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Yes, you are assuming that the required direction of rotation, relative to tread design, has only to do with wet road performance-this is not so. Though that is a factor the unidirectional designs are more engineered to control tread squirm and other contact patch issues that affect overall handling characteristics. Another factor is the layup and materials of the sidewalls and carcass, these are designed so as to minimize internal stress and therefore heat generation only when mounted properly.

Goodyear's aggressive and graphic marketing of their "Rain-X" or whatever they called them automotive tires created a lot of misunderstanding regarding unidirectional tires and tread design; especially in discussions of motorcycle tires...
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