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Bill-Bill said:
On my 2011 Exec the manual calls for 33 PSI front tire and 41 PSI rear tire. These are for both solo and dual riding. I usually run 34 in the front and 42 in the rear. I can't complain about the mileage I get out of the Bridgestone tires.

I use the same PSI. The reason I use one PSI more then the manual is I have PSI air pressure monitors on the valve stems and they only come in even numbers. I found them on Ebay. When you get to be 81 it's hard to measure the air pressure in the rear tire. Now I only have to look at the color of the cap to know if the air pressure is low. The cost is less then two bucks each.

I wonder why Suzuki keeps changing the air pressure on different year models.
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