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Time to do complete engine R&R ?

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For those who have actually done it , let say you have one of these CVT blow outs that the dealer wants 3K to fix .
Now lets say you can pick up an entire engine , trans and CVT all in one piece with just a few thousand miles for say
$1,000.00 . My question is how many hours labor involved for a complete R&R ?

Reading through the forum I've read that people with 50,000 miles on their bikes have paid the dealer $2,500 to $3,000
to repair their CVT . That to me sounds a little silly , first off a Burg with 50K on the odometer might only be worth what
3K at the most ? Then if one really wanted to keep that Burg for some reason , picking up a 5,000 mile parts bike or a complete
motor would make more sense .

So the question is how many hours to tear one down drop the motor put a new one it and put it all back together ?

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My rough guess would be around 8 hours shop time if the other drivetrain is ready to drop in but if they are going to have to swap over the final drive a couple hours more. I'm a little leary of used parts. It might make more sense to just swap the CVT if its in good shape.
ErikDK said:
Ken said:
... I think I could do the entire job in 14 or 15 hours not that I want to do it again.
Is it such an ordeal?
For me no, I find it quite easy but then again I wrenched on cars professionally.
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