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Throttle Rocker

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Anyone have experience with using a Throttle Rocker?

Looks like a cheap (<$5.00 on ebay) and easy way to ease the tension on your throttle hand, especially on longer trips.

If anyone has alternative suggestions (cruise control type mechanisms), any help would be appreciated.

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Check under Aftermarket in this forum. I remember this was talked about 2-3 months ago
I have been using a Throttle Rocker on my Yamaha 650 VStar Custom since July 03. All I can say is its the best $10 I ever spent. It really works! Gives your throttle hand a rest, with no decrease in power. I keep my hand on the TR for maybe 30 seconds at a time and then go back to normal. It was a handsaver on a recent 900 mile trip.
One thing, you have to practice using it a little, as if you have it up to high on the throttle, you can easly roll on it while attempting to stop. The trick is to keep it low and only use it to rest the hand.
Again, best $10 I have ever spent
Now, this was on a VStar. I have no idea if it would work on the Burg. I don't see why not, but who knows. The Shadow knows.
I use a Throttle Rocker and enjoy it. It's safer than a tensioner because it releases faster.
A lot of people use them and like them, I perfer a Vista throttle lock.

ajwood, I have seen posts stating that the Throttle rocker is safer than the throttle lock. If it is adjusted properly, I think the throttle lock is just a safe. As Terry pointed out, each as its own safety concerns.
flintbobbi said:
Anyone have experience with using a Throttle Rocker?...
I use it for commuting, use it for area rides, use it touring. I found the Throttle Rocker to be the best investment dollar for dollar of anything I've purchased for riding.

Thanks to everyone for their replies. I ordered one yesterday for $10.00 (including shipping) from their website. All your positive input made me think it must be worth a shot.

Now, if I can get my new Shield from Clearview in the mail and installed, I'm ready for my trip to red rocks of Sedona!

Take care.
stellarebelman said:
I second that statement.
:p :lol:
I too just purchased one due to the information in these posts. It does take a bit to get used to. Once I found the proper position it was great. Nice to relax the throttle hand for awile and stretch the fingers. I only use it when I know I'm going to be on the highway longer than 30 minutes. When not in use, I store it in the glovebox.
Interesting comments. I've been thinking of getting one also. Seems like I'm good up to around 200 miles, then my hand (not wrist) get's pretty sore. Way less problems with the seat, actually. :shock:
This is what makes a forum great. After reading all the positive things that were said I too ordered one.
I'm checking to see if there are any Canadian resellers. It looks like a great product!
I think it is ok. I did a 460 mile ride a few weeks ago and tried to use it...I found it slipped a lot, even though they provided a rubber "gasket" to go under it...the velcro strips used to keep it tight just don't seem quite sufficient. I always seem to be adjusting it "up" so it keeps the speed at the appropriate level.

I don't think I gave it enough of a chance, but right now, it's in the glovebox collecting dust.

It could turn out to be one of those "cool idea" that really is not that useful after all.

Could be just me though...
I must have a newer version as mine doesnt have any velcro strips at all. Mine is a 1 piece molded plastic. It is quite snug when you get it on and mine hasnt moved yet.
I found the easiest way to adjust was just to spin it backwards as this releases the tension on the grip.
The Throttle-Rocker is available here in Kelowna for $20CDN.
But the $10US online price (shipping included) still beats the $20CDN price.
Well got my Throttle Rocker last night and today tried it out. I have to say I am not sure if I like it or maybe I have to give it a chance, I find that for it to work for me I have to put it too high and have to bend my wrist too far up when I release to apply the break. Will have to use it a bit more and see.
It does take a bit to get used to. I had to play around with its positioning in order to get it to feel right. Once I found that right position I harldy even noticed it when it wasn't in use.
I got a 'Throttle Boss' (Kuryakin) yesterday. I had to experiment with it for several miles, but once I found the sweet spot (I had it set too high - kept moving it down) it worked fabulous. Some have said they take it off for short rides, but I find it doesn't bother me at all. The only difference is that I use two fingers on the front brake rather than three.

The shop where I bought my bike sold the Throttle Boss for $13.99. Two blocks down the road, at the Yamaha shop, it was $9.99. :D
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