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Thinking of purchasing a Burgman ????

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Hello Everyone,
I just joined the group. I have been thinking of purchasing a Burgman for some time now, so I thought I get some info from the experts. I am leaning towards the 650. Are there any years I should stay away from? What is high mileage for these? I am in Orlando, and see a dealer in Palm Beach advertising a brand new 2013 65 Exeutive for $9491, which seems good, but I am thinking gently used to be the better deal. I have owned all kinds and brands of motorcycles, but no more touring for me, just cruising around town and some back roads, so a Burgman will fit the bill and looks like as much fun as a regular motorcycle. On Orlando's CL there is a 2006 650 with 28K miles for $3500, Is this alot of miles, or not? Thanks in advance, Kim
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Thanks again guys,
I am leaning towards the new one, as in all my 60 years, I have never bought a brand new one. The closest I came to a new one was in 1980 when I bought a Yamaha XS Eleven with 2900 miles on it. So maybe I can justify a new one for my retirement. I will email the dealer and see if we can deal. Thanks again, Kim
Eh, live a little, get the new '13. You've work hard and deserve it I'm sure.

Normally I'm a big fan of the 400 and used bikes. But given your riding background and size, I don't think the 400 would quite fit you. They did a big redesign in '13 including a better clutch which makes it easier to move about. So used might not be an option. Sounds like a fair enough price, new.

Good luck. Looking to hear about your eventual purchase.
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