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Thinking of buying the Burgman 400

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I went to the cycle show this month, with my DH and his riding buddies, and their riding wives, and I got bit. I saw the burgman 400, and it just looked so inviting. I sat on it and I fit.

I'm signing up for motor cycle safety course and really thinking hard about this burgman 400.

I'm 5'4, 128 pounds, older woman. I'd be riding with men who are on big harley's and BMW's. The women ride buells and harleys. They do a lot of riding on the freeway, going to exotic destinations.

Is the Burgman 400 the bike for me? Are the smaller wheels going to be a problem? Will the 400 keep up with the big boys? What else would you consider?
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Welcome vickg2003,

The 400 should be fine for solo higher speed riding (55-70). I have been on some group rides with my 650 riding 2 up, and we were fine. The performance on the 400 solo, is simular to 650 2-up. The smaller tires mainly mean, they will wear faster than larger ones, and the ride will be a bit rougher than standard motorcycle tires. I haven't heard any complaints on the ride.

The only other consideration would be crosswind. The 400 is more prone to it (buffiting) than let's say the 650, mainly because of the weight.
I would think you will be fine on a 400, I have over 17,000 miles on mine, most of it at 70 + and I am over 200 lbs.
You may want to change the windshield, I like the Givi, good wind & bug protection, perhaps add a top case if you need more storage
Just one thing - Try not to get to far ahead of the big boys in the twistys. :lol:
Welcome to the group. I agree, the 400 would suit your needs just fine.
Don't worry about keeping up, Vicky. Once you've got some experience, they may have problems keeping up with you. Bet your 400 will get a LOT
of interest from the other gals. The Harley guys will be just as interested but the "Harley Rules" only allow them to peek at it and mumble to each other at their rest/repair breaks :wink: .
Since I've been considering this, I've read a lot, and everybody seems to say that the small wheels make it difficult to handle bumps. I live up here in Illinois, where the roads are not smooth. I'm really concerned that the smaller wheels will make it harder for me to stay in control.

I want to be in control. I am more or less terrified and excited at the same time. I don't want to make a mistake and buy the wrong bike, or buy a bike when I should stick to the bicycle.
I went from an 800cc cruiser bike to the B400. For me, it has been great!!!
As for the bumps, the smaller wheels, I feel the bumps more but it doesn't hurt my back like the Volusia did.

Maybe if there is someone around you that would be willing to give you a test ride, then you could decide from there.

We have quite a few women on the forum who ride AN400's with other motorcycles in group rides. No one has ever had an issue with "keeping up". If the guys decided to go run at 100 mph, would you try to keep up if you were riding a motorcycle? Probably not. As long as they keep the pace below 90 mph you are all set.

The smaller wheels don't soak up bumps as well as big motorcycle wheels, but they aren't that bad. I think that having the automatic transmission and the built in storage more than makes up for the smaller wheels for most folks.
vickyg2003 wrote
Since I've been considering this, I've read a lot, and everybody seems to say that the small wheels make it difficult to handle bumps.
Don't let yourself get to confused, yes smaller wheels mean you feel the bumps a little more then with a larger bike - also means pot holes will give you more trouble then bigger tires. but there are facts to counter these problems. .Smaller wheels give you more maneuverability so pot holes are not a problem . I would go on a dirt road with a scooter b4 any large bike.
True you may feel a bump more but you have better control with smaller tires. When your group decides to make a u-turn, yours will be well inside the white lines. :)
This may help you out a bit
Try - -look for 2.2
smaller wheels

vickyg2003 said:
I'm really concerned that the smaller wheels will make it harder for me to stay in control.

Hi Vicky
The 400 will do everything you want and more. Keep in mind that the smaller wheels can also avoid those rough places a lot quicker than the bigger tires. That is the reason that scooters were banned from motorcycle races. They had to start thier own races. :lol:
Hi Vicky

Welcome to the forum.:hello2:
In all respects I would say the 400 Burgman (Svelte for short) would be a great choice for you. However, you know the roads in your locale and if they are as bad as you suggest - then the only solution is a test ride or the direct experience from a Svelte owner in your area.
Yes, I'm leaning heavily towards the 400 although my DH would prefer that I have a two cylinder bike. I went to the dealer, but they didn't have any burgmans out, only the Honda Silverwing. I was able to stand flat footed with that one too. But it sure was heavy, dry. I guess maybe I should get some boots, so I know for sure.

I don't think the 650 is an option for me. It seemed at the show, that the 650 was a lot taller than the silverwing even though the difference is only .4 inches. I am really totally confused and excited too.


OK - understood.

How about adopting a different strategy tha will take advantage of your female guile while appealing to your DH's ego.

Say 'OK honey - if you think the twin cylinder option is the best I will go with your judgement - after all you know sooooooo much more about the technical aspects than I ever could.'

Get some training in on any bike (MSF course etc) then give the new Lardy a whirl. It is easy to handle on the move once you are a confident rider and females of your build seem able to manage the Lardy at a stop. My personal opinion is that it still is a bit of a beast to handle engine off in the garage or driveway but there are just as many here who disagree with me.

Anyways once you go the 650 route on your DH's advice, he will be onside with you to ensure your success and indeed would be vulnerable to the Corbin solution for lower saddle height - if that was all that stood between failure and him being proved right!! :wink:
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Well he does take care of all of my vehicles. I do get my hands dirty helping but he's in charge. If he's going to take care of it, I'd rather he liked the bike. Its been a hard sell just getting him to accept the scooter. But MY FAVORITE is the 400 simply because its not to hard for me to push around, I can get it up on its center stand and I am able to handle it flat footed. But between the 650 and the silverwing, I like the silverwing because its lower and lighter and has ABS.

I'm sure that sooner or later the dealers around here will decide its spring and put the scooters out for sitting on at least. And I can't even sign up for MSS until next week at midnight.

I'll probably end up with a July or August class, lol!

And of course the REAL PROBLEM, is I can't shop for my gear because I don't know what color my scooter is going to be, LOL.
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vickyg2003 said:
And of course the REAL PROBLEM, is I can't shop for my gear because I don't know what color my scooter is going to be, LOL.
Vicky, an idea your consideration. Choose your gear's color to bring attention to yourself, so that motorists see you.
Yes, I'm well aware that color is everything. When I have my DH's gray car, people pull out in front of me and cut me off all the time. When I drive my own car this never happens, and my driving style remains the same.

So when I'm going to be even smaller I really want people to see me.

I haven't put so much thought into an outfit, since I bought my wedding dress 30 years ago, LOL. I've been trying to decide if I can stand the full face helmet or just the one with the clear plastic visor. And of course, the color depends on the bike and the jacket. And then there are the boots and the gel gloves and I found a really lovely mesh jacket with body armor, but again, what color!! I was reading about boots, and I can't decide whether to get something that looks like army boots, or whether I should go for more protections and get the steel ankles.

All these decisions to be made and this shopping to do........
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vickyg2003 said:
I haven't put so much thought into an outfit, since I bought my wedding dress 30 years ago....
Chortle. Gotta love it. Michele is a non-driver, looking forward to becoming a passenger on my 400. And of course that means style decisions, of a sort. She's always thought of herself like the lowly thrush, muted and practical clothingwise. Lately I've been encouraging bright feelgood, show-the-world I feel good clothing decisions. Cardinal, goldfinch, macaw! All the more so for scooter excursions. Being seen is the practical aspect -- showing ones exuberance is the main deal.
My DH is thrilled that I'm going to join this area of his life, but he totally doesn't get the fashion aspect of it, LOL. The group he rides with are all black leather, harley types. I have a lot more desire to be seen. I generally prefer the sportbike apparel. So I'm thinking shocking pink, brillant blue, yellow, or candy apple red, again this all depends on the color of the bike.
Go pink! It will go splendidly with any colour Burgman.
Altough I have to confess I confine myself to that colour for my underwear only! :D
I'm still up in the air, burgman 400 or silverwing. I think I've eliminated the burgman 650, but if the right deal came along .....
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