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A true story my wife told me, not particularly a road story, and nothing to do with Burgman's. But still, a true story...

A good looking young man aged mid-20's lives with his parents. The young man begins to spend increasing amounts of time with a mate of his, another young man of a similar age. Over the weeks that follow, his parents begin to worry. Sure he's had girlfriends... but nothing serious. And now he's spending all his free time with a bloke.

The crunch comes one weekend, (a glorious weekend, light breeze, not too hot...perfect for outdoor pastimes...) when the young man asks his parents to sit down. He has an important announcement to make.

Hmm, the parents worry - "Does this involve the large amounts of time spent in the company of your "friend"". "Yes, it does."

He says: "Actually, I've bought a Harley and I've been storing it over at my mate's place." His mother absolutely abhores motorcycles, can't stand them and has reinforced the fact over the years. Turns out he'd drive over to his mates place, take the bike for a run and then return it to the mate before slinking home.

Oh thank God, says his father. "We thought you were gay...not that there's anything wrong with that..."
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