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Don't often come across broken down bikes/scooters roadside these days, but of late I have.
Well, not actually broken down, but stopped for rider to eat a sandwich, stopped for a rest... whatever.
It's a covid thing. Go for a ride. Take your own refreshments.
So, having slowed to enquire,"need any help", get cheery "no thanks - 'reason'", give wave and accelerate away.

It brings back memories of a less pleasing event about 3 years ago.
Bike and rider stopped, miles from anywhere. I pull in to offer help. What I get in return is a loud, abusive assurance that THIS bike is NOT BROKEN, and is never likely to be. So f***off. Will do. Trust we will never meet again. (But if we do, I hope your're stranded).
I know modern machines ARE more reliable, but not every rider carries a puncture repair kit and pump.

This attitude of sharing help began with me exactly 50 years ago,on a Sunday, when self and wife got a puncture just before dusk, 60 miles from home. The nearest help was a farmer who offered to store the bike till the following weekend, when he would bring it home to me when he went to market with his truck. get home now, hitch a ride, (you could in those days). 3rd car to come along stopped, offered lift.
And then took us home to our doorstep. It was in his route, pure chance.
So these days I travel as prepared as possible, because no-ones that lucky twice?

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