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I am not sure I would combine sliders and rollers and be happy (their profiles being so much different), however I am currently running four 18 g and four 15 g sliders and am quite pleased with the results.

As they all have the same characteristic shape they seem to behave in unison despite the weight difference; plus as I have another "set" to put into service should they wear (which after 18k miles of running the 18 g set does not seem eminent).

I should be all set for as long as I own this scoot--which given the 21 years¹ I owned my previous bike should be a good long time...

¹ - The "previous bike" was an '88 Vulcan 1500 (an 88 in³ '88) I rode for 21 years and 235k+ miles. I bought it in late 1989 after I sold my '68 FLH to buy my house back from my ex-wife. Got a bunch of crap about it back then but I told my fellow club members, "Yes it is a rice-burner; but it burns a F**k of a lot of rice."

"If it ain't broke don't fix it..."
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