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I thought it might be helpful (and interesting) to list the gear we have found to be the best for our particular riding needs, recognizing that each individual has their own preferences. Other riders (new or old) looking to change/upgrade gear could use the thread as a starting point. This is not meant to rehash the safety issues, but just as a list of top-quality gear.
Boots: Caterpillar Alaska FX (excellent, very comfortable)
Pants: Long ride: Joe Rocket Atomic Jeans (discreet armor in knees and hips) Short ride: work pants or jeans
Jacket: Frank Thomas Blast Jacket (excellent, closeable vents, zip-out vest and discreet armor in shoulders and elbows)
Gloves: Warm weather: Icon Tarmac 2.0 Colder: MSR Cold Pro 2.0
Helmet: HJC MBII Full

Other assorted goodies: DJEllis tank bag; Kryptonite coiled keyed cable (to lock helmet to grab bars if trunk is full); Accu-Gage Tire Gauge; Nelson-Rigg full cover; Rok-straps; Greenlight light trigger; sidestand footpad; throttle rocker.

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Helmet: HJC CL-14 full-face
Jacket: Joe Rockt Ballistic (vented with zip-out liner); really windproof
Gloves: Widder electric; H-D Goretex; H-D half-fingers; Thinsulate liners
Boots: H-D work-boot style (forget the name)
Electric vest: Widder Selectric II w/ heated collar
Reflective vest: left over from jogging days
Reflective helmet tape:
Neck warmer/bandana/skullcap: Zub (

Blue Burgie 400 named Sushi (see Gallery)
Bought late Sept., already has 2,000+ miles :D

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It changes depending on whether I'm in the heat or the

Joe Rocket reactor for heat and Aerostich for cold.

Though, the Aerostich is very good in the heat as well.

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I also wear a HJC CL-14 Helmet and recommend it as a nice Middle/Upper end Helmet that's not overly high priced.

Warm weather gear: Phoenix Jacket - really like it. Phoenix Mesh Pants - use 100% of the time with simple sweat pants underneath during the "winter."

Winterjacket is a ebay purchase of unknown brand.

Still looking for decent winter gloves, but I wear a pair of Olympia mesh (see the trend) gloves during the summer.

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jackets-motoport spyder codura w/armor&zip in liner,h-d basic skins leather,vanson comet leather,zero-60 leather w/armor and vents plus zip in liner & fieldsheer air titanium perforated cloth w/armor. pants-roadgear perforated w/waterproof hipora liner,bates leather jeans,motoport codura w/armor and regular denim blacksheep-waterproof,joe rocket rhino-waterproof,two pair wal-mart hiking boots-waterproof(they actually were)justin ropers(i sprayed em with camp dry waterproofing) gloves about eight pair for just about any occasion from 105 degrees to 40 degrees.helmet-full face kbc-tk-7

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boxer shorts? Norman please........

NormanB said:
Silk boxer shorts - keeps the crown jewels comfortable! :lol:
Norman I suppose your hot weather ride is a loin cloth and flip flops. Kind of that Tarzan look.

Helix :oops:

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Riding Gear

I ride in Saudi Arabia and wear full leathers with armour, full face helmet and gloves. Yes it gets very hot but I prefer to use most protection and if it's good enough for Ben Bostrom and co then it's good enough for me.
I tried on various Cordura kit and found that the armour moved arround too much but leather holds it in place.
I have seen the result of not wearing protective gear, a mate who thought it was cool to ride in T shirt, shorts and sneekers. there was nothing left of his clothing and his flesh was down to the bone in places. He lived to tell the story but now he won't go down to the shop round the corner without getting his gear on.
Biking is the freedom to ride where you want when you want to and wear what ever you want to, this is just my preference.
Ian :)
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