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I have just seen the 650 at the dealer's

BOY is it BLUE!!!!!!

Whatta great looking machine - They let me sit on it and
start'er up................Real Quiet
but could not go for a wee SCOOT - Insurance limitaitons.

Anyway - I can wait a few more days until my Shadow comes out of
storage and all the paperwork is finished....

It is an '05 (clear lens on signals) also according to the VIN
It has OVERDRIVE - At least there is a big O to the right of the 1,2,3,43,5
transmision indicator. The dealer said it was like a 6th gear (so I guess
that's Overdrive)

No Powered Mirrors............No Powered Windscreen

But "BOY" does it look great....

I'll likely get to ride it (at least around the block) next week and then
COME ON SRPING..........

Gone - Bump-

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thats cool! Blue is really one of my favorite colors (but so is silver!)

i hafta say this....and please, I hope you don't mind....but "Bump" is what I call my vbf...("very best friend")...

OK OK - he's a cat. His official name is "Pointer." His (only letting friends know this stupid name) is...(....get this..)

"Gump Wilkerszbean, (comma/long pause).....Cat, about Town."

But I call him "Gump" or "Bump," 'cause he is one of those!

Sigh - I am drifting here with OTC antihistamines.... I hope SOMEONE gives us a rundown on how that daggum OD works in "normal or power" mode. I think it may benefit all of us if someone were to take an RPM reading with a stock 04 650 (no big windshields or aftermarket exhaust) at a given speed. Say 75 indicated. Then compare the OD 05 units to the rest of us skallywags. :twisted:
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