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That can be a tricky question. About like asking what underwear is the best. :D
First of all, What are you looking for in a tire?
Is it longevity? Bridgestone Hoops.
Ride? Michelins any of them.
Grip? Pirelli.
or Price? Shinko
All are good tires and perform well in all weather conditions. I have had them all on my 400 and have not been disappointed.
You will definitely get about 1500-2000 miles less out of the Shinko but if you change your own tires they will save you $$$. :wink:
Currently I have the Michelin City Grips on mine with 3000 miles and they look like they'll last another 4000+. :thumbup:
All rear tires will wear out twice as fast as the fronts no matter what brand you buy! mix and match along the way and find YOUR perfect set of tires! :wink:
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