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The 400 a more comfortable ride than the 650 ?

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The following is a post I read somewhere ( I don't remember if it was here or somewhere else) and I am trying to get all the info I can on the 400 and the 650 so I can figue out which to get. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed this differance in the 400 and the 650 as to the riding comfort and the mileage before having to fill up.
Thanks in advance

Problems with the 650 Burgman

As you all know, I had 3 major failures under warranty with my 650 and I fought and fought with Suzuki to take it back, without avail. Suzuki is not a cool manufacturer at all. The bike was in the shop for 3.5 months over the first year. A "Friday afternoon" bike.
At any rate, the dealer was cool and I traded in my 650 for a 400 for my wife. I enjoy riding the 400 much more than the 650. It has a lot less pep and speed, for sure, but the suspension is by far superior.
And here is where I reply to the previous post regarding travel of the suspension on the 650: I used to think the same thing, but now I think that the shock absorbers and springs of the 650 are improperly tuned to the weight of the bike.
I have gone over the same bumps on the highway, and at the same speed, with the 400 burgie and the ride has been dramatically superior.
Unfortunately, I think the 650 has several bugs that need fixing, but Suzuki has demonstrated a really "ignorant" attitude at, first, admitting the possibility that their bike needs work, and secondly, taking proper responsibility to make their customer happy.
I was but am no longer impressed with Suzuki and the 650 Burgman, but I am enthusiastic of the 400 for smaller people. Larger people such as myself may find it too small to ride, but excellent as a cute little city commuter.
Another thing is the gas tank: definitely too small on the 650, but just right on the 400: with the 13 litres you can go 300Km before refueling. And the fuel gauge is not digital like the 650 (which I found very annoying as it did not give a good idea of how much gas was left in the tank)
Anyways, I wish you all better luck with your Burgies. These have been my observations.
Take care.

Alberto from Canada
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Hi Alberto! I've never ridden the 400 but I have sat on them in showrooms and the 650 has more room and is more comfortable for my size (6'-2", 32" inseam). This is something you will have to judge for yourself.
As far as the 650's ride, I find it to ride as comfortably as most of my motorcycles (except for my '96 Wing) and handle as well or better than any of them. I rode about 150 miles yesterday and totally enjoyed every mile. My only modification is a gel seat pad. A 300 - 400 mile day should be no problem.
Sharp frost heaves can give you quite a jolt. I've learned to raise my butt slightly as I hit these heaves or potholes and it does make them tolerable. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only shortcoming with the ride qualities.
I find that I have to fill up at about 135- 145 miles. (I have exceeded 150 miles but that flashing fuel light makes me nervous). I have the Clearview XXL windshield and gas mileage is between 47 - 50 mpg.
Hope this helps.

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I agree with Don, I have owned both and found the ride on the 650 better, mainly because, I think, the wheels are bigger dia.. Yes the suspension could be improved but find riding 2 up, as I do 90% + the ride is much better I also installed gel pads which do help with the "jolts". The milage issue is typical, as most bikes have the same range. I fill up @ 140 miles or so and take a little less tha 3 gal. If you ride solo most of the time, the 400 would probably be better for you. Solo on the 400, is fine for most touring, 2 up @ high speed, its taxed a bit.
You may want to read up on the differences between the 2.
Here is some threads that may help
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