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I would like to thank AJ for bringing his burg over to my work so I could see it. Tucson is a bit of a backwards town, and the only dealer that has a burg has not set it up yet. I have been calling them for about 2-3 months now and they keep telling me "soon". So, with AJ's help, I finally got to see one. THANKS YOU AJ. And the guys I work with were absolutely amazed with the Burg.

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You're welcome Norman.
Enjoyed demo of the 400 in the parking lot - showing off the whomping
acceleration and coupled brake response.

Showed Norm my 30 day old invoice from Tucson MotorSports to give him the
lowdown on TMS's peculiar chump charges.
For example:
$430 for shipping the bike to TMS from Brea, CA. (565mi.)- gimme a break.
Dealer stock transfers with that distance is not even close to this (including re-crating).
Another example:
More than $100 license application fee on top of State license fee.

The bottom line is that I paid the dam invoice and got home before late and
Suzuki can forget about the sale of an extended service contract because I chumped
myself on the other gouge fees already.

Norman is going to play it smart though and walk in there with cash to leverage them
into a discount.
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