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Hello fellow Burgman owners! I have been lurking on here for many many years and I have to thank all of you for making me fall in love with and want a Burgman 650. Recently bought a well-maintained used 2003 at an unbelievable price from a fantastic guy. I have also researched many threads on what upgrades I wanted to do. So I thought I would give a little back and share one of the first major upgrades I made after buying the bike. I installed the Tak-Lok throttle lock and Grab-On grips.

The Tak-Lok is a beautiful piece with a fantastic design and very easy to install. I modify every vehicle I have ever owned and was expecting this to be a difficult install, but it went so smoothly and works so well ,I cannot recommend it enough.

The Grab-On grips are pretty nice and I imagine are similar to the Grip Puppies I keep reading about on here. The Grab-Ons are nice because they come in 2 lengths. The smaller length fits our grips perfectly with no trimming (I think it was 4-1/4" or something like that). I trimmed the right hand one to work with the Tak-Lok. It trimmed beautifully with a pair of scissors and helps hold the Tak-Lok in place and makes the whole thing look almost stock I think. Unlike the recommended hairspray I used alcohol. I work in a cleanroom with lots of Ethyl alcohol bottles so I just sprayed the inside of the Grab-On and the outside of my grip and pushed them on. Within minutes the alcohol had dried and they never slip :)


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