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Rough translation

Here is a rough translation to English ... -Greg


It does already some time that the scooters demand for own merits a space in the elite of the two wheels…

They are especially designed to be comfortable in a daily use but, above all, in trips and long escapades. Of the three, the Tmax is the unique one that does not deserve the qualification of GT, since is the less equipped for those needs. Is the one that responds better to the demands of a user racing. Its capacity of load is the lowest of the comparative one and in the chest that hidden the seat only we will be able to leave an integral helmet and little thing more. In the opposite pole is situated the Suzuki Burgman, that is the most qualified one to accept load and luggage. It does gala of a comfortable seat of two plazas differentiated under which the largest chest of the market is found (56 l). For which it refers al Deep, this scooter does neither remain short as load and, although does not arrive at the height of the Suzuki, arranges of a great chest for two helmet under the seat. Text: J.Mondelo ( Photos: F.Romero (

Benefits The velocity tip of these colossuses is something that one must have very in account. A velocity of cruiser of 140 km/h is somewhat normal for them. More than the own scooters, will be the consumption what brake us at the moment of to travel by quick ways, therefore this enlarges giddily according to it does the velocity. Thus therefore, to a high average of velocity we will be able to arrive at an approximate consumption you're welcome less than 8 l to the 100 km/h.

The one that better protects us of the wind is the Silver Wing, although followed very closely by the Burgman. The Tmax, by its side, remains again out of the combat because greater search aerodynamic penetration in detriment of the protection. The Deep one Silver Wing causes is worth its short distance of the conductive one al handlebars to create a zone of protection in which seems not to be able to enter the air. Also it arranges of an entrance of air directed destined to avoid the suction caused by the difference of velocity of the air, al purer style Burgman. The Suzuki takes advantage of part of the design of its plastics and, concretely, the retrovisores carrozados help to avoid that the air bother us in the arms. Nevertheless, the great screen does not avoid all it well that would owe that the uncomfortable rebufos arrive al chest to high velocities.

The confort that can enjoy in motion also comes very marked by the position of conduction and disposition of the elements ergonómicos. In this case if that has a great deal that to say the Suzuki. Its great seat is the best of the comparative one. It obtains a great sensation of security and permits, thanks to the great distance with the handlebars, that we stretch the legs almost completely.

Scooters bicilíndricos that patrol the 50 CV of power

Also in the Sling we will be able to stretch the legs –although enough less than in the other two– and the seat, al to catch us very well the lumbar, is shown very comfortable for long trips. So much in the Suzuki as in the Sling, the conductor enjoys lumbar adjustable in longitudinal distance. Also in the Yamaha we find ourselves with a species of lumbar but, due to it delayed of its position, the conductor does not come he to take advantage of all it well that he would owe, thing that carries us to deduce that it is a matter of a support so that the passenger do not go toward before in braked abrupt.

Passing for which it refers al passing, in Yamaha have preferred to descend the height of the seat for a better aerodynamic penetration, in detriment of the capacity of the chest. Thanks to this in the Tmax will be in which except will cost to rise to our companion.

As for the disposition of the elements of the handlebars and the design of the pictures of commands, again the two same old are for in front of the Yamaha. The case is that that of Iwata has not enriched the esthetics of its board with a screen LCD to way of computer of on board, while the other two yes have done it. Even in the case of the Burgman, almost we will see ourselves obliged to receive an intensive short course before rising us to him. Is authentically a car commands picture but, besides, of a car ultramoderno.

(More information in Alone Present Motorcycle nº1439)

DEEP / FJS 600 SILVER WING Qualities -Ally to travel

-Push of the motor TO improve -Splits cycle

-Forward train SUZUKI / they GO 650 BURGMAN Qualities -Is the most complete one TO improve -Maneuverability in

-High price YAMAHA / XP 500 TMAX Qualities -sports Esthetics

-Conduction TO improve -Lack of details

-Capacity of load

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super scooter comparo

Hi dudes,

My 2 cents on the comparo...

T-Max: loved it but...

1. Carburettors??? This is the 21st century, no
2. Rear suspension is not adjustable (and the Yamaha people lied to me about it). With 2 people on board, I scraped the underpinnings on almost every turn.
3. Soft launch

Piaggio X-9: loved it too but...

1. Single cylinder 500cc mounted on the swing-arm?
2. Never comfortable with Linked brakes (ex-dirt bike racer).
3. Soft launch

Silver Wing: no comment - never ridden.

Burgman 650: love it still after 1 1/2 years

1. Fuel injection
2. Adjustable suspension
3. Low centre of gravity due to great engine / transmission design / layout. Twin cylinder laid flat forward.
4. Name a speed touring 2-up
5. Sport mode transmission for those fast getaways
6. Jeezus it turns and you gotta be pushin to drag something. OK, 2-up the centre stand drags on the left.
7. But would still like the clutch to bite a little harder at launch
8. This great forum and all you great scooterists out there participating and sharing your thing. Congratulations to you all.

I can imagine a project where one would strip all the scooter stuff off the top, lower the steering, add decent suspension, build a platform where you almost lay flat on top off it. Sort of like a top fuel drag bike. With less weight to carry, lower centre of gravity, sports exhaust ... ... Oh no, I've got a woody coming on :)


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Sooner or later someone's gonna tear all the plastic off, breathe on the engine, redesign the plastic, and perhaps, if an Italian is involved in the design phase, create something we'll view with shock and awe.

But then, why not just buy a Ninja?

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