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Most of the suggestions so far cost more money...this one saves the company money. Round off the dash providing more knee room and recess the key further into the dash so the foot or knee doesn't hit and bend the key(they are expensive enough). More money saved?! Go to one larger glove compartment with holder inside door for garage door opener or glasses.
Save more money?! More people want a on the 650 and 400 don't have a passenger(pillion) backrest rather a set of rails(2)(like on an AR-15)(or even a light weight rack) so that your choice of top box or back rest can be bolted on or taken off. [Taking the backrest off the 400 will also save in shipping space, labor and weight(under 400lbs dry)].
Just these 3 ideas will save Suzuki thousands of dallars each year and increase sales by making the burgs more user friendly(versitile).
P.S. Yamaha seat more comfortable...But this might cost a little more to fix on burgs. Scooterjockey in Dallas
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