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Suzuki branded top plates?

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I searched but found no answers. Curious, are there any aftermarket top cases that are designed to fit the Suzuki top plate or are they all proprietary?

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As far as I know the Suzuki ones fit Givi but I could be wrong.
May not be the right answer..BUT -

Title: Re: Suzukis own Top Box Rack v Givis?
Post by: northernbandit on February 27, 2009, 10:05:42 AM
yes Gaz you are right in that their are slight differences in the position of the top box.
the Suzuki rack base plate sits lower and slightly forward compared with the Givi rack.
hopefully you can see the difference in the 2 pictures.
also the Suzuki rack and pannier rails cannot be interchanged with the Givi ones,IE Suzuki rack and Givi pannier rails or vice verse.
Both the Suzuki system and the Givi system will work fine(i have a 1250 SA with the Givi system and no problems at all re position
hope this helps.
in the past Kapa, which is owned by Givi, has produced the top / side cases for Suzuki.

Kapa products are basically Givi replica with a different logo.

It all depends on the bag and how it was designed... but if one had to guess, one fitting a givi, should fit the kapa/suzuki one too.

good luck.
Thanks for the answers. The prices I can find indicate the Givi, Kappa & Suzuki are indeed so similar that, I think I will wait for the Suzuki branded box (990D0-K4902-RB5) to become available here in order to get matching paint. I notice that the Kappa forward mount posts are now "elongated mushrooms" as opposed to a simple mushroom post. I assume this is due to some mounting security issues in the past. The Suzuki plate I just installed has the simple mushroom posts. Now, I also wait for saddle bag racks to be developed.

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