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Hi! wheaties67 here.If you are having a problem with your windscreen,who dosn't.My personal opinion is that I don't want one anyway.I don't mind a few bugs in my forehead and elsewhere.Iv'e been riding since 1966 and haven't found the perfect windscreen yet!The stock windscreen buffets my glasses in a way that I can't see clearly.So I finally found someone in the plastics buisness who would cut mine down for me.These people are hard to find.Don't do it yourself!I took a piece if twine and an ink marker and scribed a line from the S on the windscreen mount just above the black Suzuki markings.It makes a nice short windscreen which whistles a little around 20-35 mph not bad though.It gives me a good view of the open road.This is probably not for everyone but I like it.
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