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Are you just hanging the License plate with two upper bolts?
Yep...1/4 X 20 stainless steel bolts, stainless flat washers,
& stainless nylon-insert locknuts.
You helmet hanger is up under the front edge of the seat.
After you close the seat, the hanger is secure.
Or, as secure as anything is, on a scooter.

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I added a license frame with "brake" led light bar on it.
As far as a helmet lock I have used the one on the bike but I also feel no helmet is safe when left with the bike! I have had mine and seen many stolen by simply cutting the strap. Which is about as stupid as it goes since replacing the strap kinda bites anyways and without it the helmet is a bit useless. If I can't get it under the seat I usually carry it or put it in my tailbag-backpack and throw it over the shoulders.
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