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So its 5:15 am this morning and the first cold morning of the year (just above zero) and I set off on the 60 mile run to my work in London. About 5 miles down the road I need to tighten up on zips, etc. A convenient slip road comes in view & I pull off only to find the road ends at the closed gate of a sewage farm. The exit road back on to the dual carriageway is across a small 2 foot dividing strip. Oh well, I think, I'll just bump up the kerb and over to the other side. Too late the alarm bells ring as the front wheel comes down the opposite kerb & yes the burger is firmly grounded on the exhaust.

So there I am, its 5 in the morning, its freezing cold, not a soul about and me with a 500+ lbs lard-arsed burger 650 stuck fast outside the local shite factory.

Nothing for it but to plant both feet either side and with one almighty heave on the handlebars, the strength of the desperate, steam coming out of my ears, I pull the front wheel back up over the kerb again. I set off carefully back up the wrong slip road and I'm on my way again.

Now I can deadlift 250 lbs but I can tell you the burger 650 is olympic gold medal territory. Put the parking brake on & have a go at lifting that front wheel, you'll see what I mean.

I kept warm for the whole journey though.

Not recommended.

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