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The only issue I’ve had with my Bestem 929 T-case is that it rattles with sharp bumps. It’s not the case itself but, its mounting with the plate. Today, I did some mods that have cured the rattles!

On the front posts of the mounting plate, I pushed on an item called a slip joint washer. These come in various styles, and the one that works came from ACE Hardware, shown here as packaged:

[attachment=1:3uk6egro]Slip Joint Washer in Package.jpg[/attachment:3uk6egro]

It looks something like a short T-nut (expansion nut) like used to mount the bike’s windshield, but without the threaded insert. Here's a better picture of the part out of the package:

[attachment=0:3uk6egro]Slip Joint Washer.JPG[/attachment:3uk6egro]

I placed the slip joint washer with the large end down, against the plate. I then trimmed off the sides of the narrow section to allow the top case to slide on (otherwise, it would make the post diameter too large). I topped this off with a #74 O-ring. This provides a nice, snug fit for the grooves on the front of the box. Here's the assembly:

[attachment=4:3uk6egro]Front post mod.JPG[/attachment:3uk6egro]

I had previously just tried using a couple of O-rings, one at the top of the post and the other at the bottom but, they deformed easily. Next, I pulled off the rubber push-on bumpers (I’m not sure what to call them) near the rear corners of the mounting plate, and replaced them with 1/2" long T-nuts, with the threaded end down and ¼” long machine screws coming up through the plate, with lock washers on the underside. I used the fattest ones they had in this length. Here's what one looks like installed:

[attachment=3:3uk6egro]Rear bumper mod.JPG[/attachment:3uk6egro]

I did the mods to both my and my wife's 400's. Here's what the mounting plate looks like on hers with everything in place (Note I haven't done the wiring, yet):

[attachment=2:3uk6egro]Mounting plate with post and bumper mods.jpg[/attachment:3uk6egro]

Now, the boxes fit snugly on the front posts (takes a little jiggling to seat well). The back end also takes more effort to clamp into place, due to having to compress the T-nuts. Together, these quick and cheap mode removed rattles on a test loop I did where I would normally hear them.

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Just another suggestion that may or may not work for your application ...
But I've used THESE THINGS on other bikes to fix rattling problems. You can get them at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. They're cheap. May be worth a try.
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