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Stock windscreen modification AN650

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Has anybody tried to modify the OEM screen... ??

From what ive seen the stock screen could be fitted with a wedge under the mount to give it more vertical angle this may help push the wind over my helmet ??

Haven't had a chance to remove and investigate yet, may be this weekend, due to do first service (myself), if i have time arfter service and lowering the handlebars and reset brake levers i will had a look.

Rgds Greg ...

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Let us know what you find out. I had the same thought. Homebrew is OK but wouldn't it be neat if a manufacturer came out with something like that? Even better would be something that bolted on to the stock mounts that made the shield adjustable.
Stock windscreen modification


Yes it would be easier if one of the many screen manufacturers tried a bit harder to use the stock screens by modifing the mounts etc ...

Have also thought about adjustable rails like Honda ST1300 tourer has, it adjusts two ways, as it raises itself it also straightens up.

But i doubt i will ever get a chance to check that out.

Will post when i get a chance to do my screen, hope to have a look this weekend.

Rgds Greg ...
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Re :- Stock windscreen modification

Had a look at screen mout on the weekend ...

I think i can make up a spacer block to move screen up 20 -> 40mm may be more ...

There is a steel mouting bracket that comes from the instrument custer mout.

Need to make alloy block 10mm thick x 25mm wide x 125mm plus the extra length that you require to raise screen.

Drill hole in block and recess to fit scocket head cap screws flush with surface, to mount on original bolt holes.

Then the triky bit is you need to relocate the mounting hole for screen mouting bracket heigher up the block, but because it is on a slight curve and you are now 10mm heigher they will be wider apart.

You could make the block more then 10mm thick if you wont more air flow under the screen to help stop the push in the back effect.

I will give it a go later, in the middle of moving house, and busy packing up all my tools etc etc etc ...

For me i think the screen only needs to go up 20 -> 40mm to be ok

It will also move screen closer to rider.

Someone else give it a go it may be all you need instead of changing screens.

Good luck

Greg ...
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Stock windscreen modification

Well i manage to get 2 pieces of 25mm wide x 12mm thick x 200mm long alloy bar to use for stage one of my OEM screen modification.

Not quite as neat as hoped, but tried it anyway.

Had to offset the mounting bolts to the very edge of bar, due to the original mounting brackets curve at about 11 & 1 o'clock, so as you get further away from original mount hole it also gets wider.

So i managed to mount screen app. 40mm heigher and now 12mm larger gap under screen.

Can now ride at 100 - 120 kmph ( moderate wind ) with visor open just above eye level.

But the best result was almost no push in the back effect, would be for me down 70% from stock, must be the larger opening under the screen.

Will continue to ride as is, and see how it goes.

Rgds Greg ...
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Moderator: please move to 650 forum

I think I may remove my windsreen once the season is over here in Canada and do some mods along your suggestions, Thanks
Hey Greg any more updated info on your windscreen mod. My bike is stored now for the winter and its time to tinker :)
Allwalk - Stock windscreen modification AN650

Short answer no,

Long answer no time to play, in the middle of shifting houses, settlement this friday 31/Oct/03, and living with the "Outlaws" for 5 weeks then start moving again 1/Dec/03 ... :(

Quick recap, looks a bit ugly but unshore if i will keep it on when I shift, only riding 15-20k to work in slow traffic.

If you do try it make your alloy bar wider say 40mm so when you drill and tap new holes for screen mount bracket you won't be right on the edge, also at 200mm long you can just see the OEM mounting bracket under the front lower edge of screen. ( have a look you will see what in mean)

Rgds Greg ...
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