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Hey guys. I installed my new CV GT Medium windshield yesterday on my new 2011 650 Exec. Using the OEM hardware, I got all the way thru the install until the final facia screw, when it just wouldn't fit due to misalignment and curvature of the CV's, as stated elsewhere by other Burgers.

So I decided to go with CV's hardware and uninstalled the new windshield. Not only that, tho, I also pulled out the rubber fasteners as well from the 4 slots where the windshield attaches to the frame.

After struggling with the horrible b&w instructions and scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck CV was talking about, I decided to go back to the OEM hardware. So I re-installed the original 4 black fasteners by rolling them in my fingers and twisting and pushing them back into the holes. Wasn't all that easy but they all went back in flush, as they originally were, flat against the frame, with the rubber "mounds" of the fasteners on the rider's side of the frame and just the lip facing the windshield side.

I proceeded to again install the new windshield. This time I was able to align both of the facia screws, by slightly bending the CV windshield and aligning the hole/slots. Now the windshield is now fully installed and feels tight and looks great. Facia is flush, and all systems appear to be a go.

My question is, have I degraded the integrity of the original fasteners by taking them out and putting them back in, so that the windshield can somehow be less secure than if my install had gone well all the way thru the first time?

I guess I'm looking for reassurance that all is right with the world and the windshield and is fine and dandy as is.

PS: I could remove the facia from time to time to check the windshield's 4 screws and make sure they haven't left the nest, but since the facia was tough to install, I'm very reluctant to do that.

Thanks and sorry for the verbose posting. :)

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