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Ok guys and gals I'm in the middle of my Stereo and intercom install ask questions now and give me input so I get it done right the first time. You can look at the thread that Monty started and see the speakers and how to make them. You can see the stereo model #'s there also. What is not listed there is the intercom I'm using which is a J&M MI-1590B that I purchased from for $323.00 (cheapest I could find) Do a search for the part # above on their site to find it quickest. Ok I will post pictures of where I am right now. Radio hard wired to power, speaker wires ran, Speakers mounted, Intercom mounted, headset cables ran. Just a note: The J&M intercom does not need the stereo to work. It has a connection so you can hook up a walkman to it if you want. But I wanted music even if I'm not wearing a helmet. That's why I have speakers too. The link to the picture is as follows (WARNING THE FOLLOWING PICTURES ARE GRAPHIC IN NATURE AND MAY KEEP YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT) ... om-install

UpdateI have added more pictures to the Photo gallery. ... om-install I will post the last of the pictures when the Bike is back together and has had a good bath.

Bike is complete and all pictures have been uploaded.
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