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Starting / Electrical issue with 2008 Burgman 400

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In the last 12 months my wife's AN400 has been having starting issues acting like the battery is discharged if it sits for more than a few days (hot or cold weather). Initially I thought it might be the battery, but after replacing it (twice) the bad behavior continued. She did have the dealer perform the recall maintenance on the rectifier back in 2011 so am guessing that should not be the problem.

As noted above I have replaced the battery twice. I also purchased a battery charger/tester unit that shows the battery status is good and, when it finally starts by using the chargers "emergency start" option the "alternator" test shows good.

One thing I noticed by leaving the charger attached is that after starting the charger will continue to charge the battery for the first 15 minutes after which it will turn off after displaying that the battery is fully charged. Shouldn't the stator/alternator have already done this in the same span of time?

The current behavior follows the description of the cause for the recall service that was performed in 2011 so I am at a loss as to why it is encountering this issue. I called the dealer where I bought my AN650 as the one who sold my wife the AN400 is out of business and they said it had to be either:

1) the batteries going bad (3 of them?)
2) the rectifier issue that she had the maintenance done for
3) a stator (alternator) issue (but the charging unit's test shows it is good)

Has anyone else encountered this with an AN400? My AN650 can sit for the same amount of time and it starts up without a problem.
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What non - standard electrical stuff has been added?, that could cause constant draw or under seat lite on?
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