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I've watched the manufacturers dealing with squeeky brakes for some
time. The .05 cent solution was to put a thin rubber or plastic backing
on the back of the brake pads.

The brakes will sometimes vibrate, making a hum to a squeel depending on the speed or conditions.

The rubber backing dampened the tendency for the pads to do this. Most
manufacturers have an insert behind the pad. In the old days, there
was a heat proof product we used to paint on the back of the pads.

Try touching your finger to a speaker cone while music is playing from it. Your finger absorbs the vibration and no more sound comes out.

Now, if you have small rocks in your pads, you will see a ring forming
on the disk. STOP the bike and rid your brake pads of this contaminate.

The beauty is that it's easy enough to see the disks and to see how they're fairing. Smooth disks, examine the rubber dampening behind the pads. Scraped up disks, look for gravel.
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