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Had an MRI done recently on my low back and Sciatica, been have a lot more pain than usual lately.

The written report was two pages long and none of it was good. My MD and Chiropractor both are amazed at how well I get around with all the damage from Disc degeneration and Arthritis . Several of the disc's are out of whack between 5mm and 6mm :( and a bunch of nerve damage.:confused:

The MD has me scheduled to see a Neuro Surgeon in December .:tongue9:

But my Chiropractor showed me something called Spinal Decompression therapy. It will not fix the degeneration or arthritic problem , but will take the pressure off the spine and nerves. With time it will help the fluid to get back in to the areas affected and make life easier. It's expensive as all get out , but the first session was free and the results were very encouraging.

I Googled the procedure and it seems to work well for most people with a similar problem. I will do anything at this point to avoid surgery so am going to try it.

Wondered if anyone else has experience with Spinal Decompression Therapy ??

Thanks to any who reply.
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