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Special deal for burgmanusa members..lamp modulator and....

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I talked to Phil at and he just put together a combo deal for our Burgman 650's (I think its good on the 400's also). Our first deal as a club...Whoo Hoo!


Hi Bryan,
> Here is a Combo Special for the 2003 Burgman 650 that is not posted
on our
> web site:
> $99.95(VisiPath dual headlight modulator D115w4 & Intelligent brake
> + 6.95(s/h) + 2.30(insurance)
> Go directly to and credit our account
[email protected].
> Copy the money line above into the paypal "Note" field for reference.
> combo will ship to your paypal address.
> This special Combo is available to your web site members.
> We can be reached at 480-461-6060 M-F 9-4 MST.
> Best regards,
> Phil
> Manager
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Package deal

Will this package work for a 2004 Burg too.

Is the deal still available?

Same price for Canada?
(US dollars of course)
I will shortly be ordering one their new All-In-One Headlight Modulator & Solid-State "Relay" Kits for my AN-650. This is even better than what I had on my last bike 20 years ago, in that it has a built in relay so the power goes directly from the battery to the headlights. This unit just came on the market recently.

I don't mind paying the $110 US for the unit because I know with out doubt from previous experience that it's a life saver. I really miss not having one on my bike.

I will post the installation and product review once I get it in - probably in a month or so (too busy riding right now). 8)
I just got a quote from my local dealer for the headlight and tail light combo

Headlight P115W S Dual, $226.
Tail Light 10WD $96
Plus tax, free shipping
Canadian dollars
About $370.00 all in
Sorry the above quotes were for the Kisan units not the Comagination units.
Can anybody tell me which are better?

I know the Kisan is more expensive, but the Comagination seem to be more flexible.
I have emailed comagination several times but never received any answers.
Kisan has a dealer in the Toronto area

Here are some threads for you to look thru. None of the compare the Kisan units but may provide some food for thought.
Rick, here is some info for you, in case you haven't seen it yet.

The reason that I am going with the Comagination Visipath is that I can buy the whole wiring harness that goes from the battery through a solid state relay and then to both headlights. This way the headlights get maximum power, I can put more powerful bulbs in if I want in the future & there is very little electrical power going through the headlight switch - just enough to activate the solid state relay. I think it's an excellent package.

I am going to deal directly with the manufacturer & have them ship the product to an American address. Then have it sent by a friend to Victoria. It costs too much to have the manufacturer to send it directly to my address.

Instead of e-mailing Comagination, try calling them. LD is cheap these days. :)
Thanks Reg.

I like the whole idea.
Especially being able to add more light power later on.
This has got to be a must have for me, first mod for my burg.
Also like the idea of being able to modulate either high or low beam.

My last ride on a road bike was about 42 years ago, and it ended abruptly when a lady made a left turn out of a driveway on my right, just as I got there. She said in court, that she did not see me or my buddy. (Took out both bikes)

Months of therapy, back injury, etc.

So I'm a little paranoic about being seen in traffic.

I'm considering ordering it right away, even before I get my burg, so I'll have it here, and ready.
Could you let us know how the installation goes?
Pictures and/or very detailed instructions. (wire colours etc.)

I'm just a little concerned that I may get all the plastic off , (hopefully without breaking anything), and find I can't make any sense of the wiring installation.
Don't want to wreck anything on my new burg. :(

Wasn't there a thread about installing a really loud horn too?
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lilleyen said:
Wasn't there a thread about installing a really loud horn too?
Yes, there was. I think this was the same kind that someone had installed. I wonder if it's still working OK?

I've always ridden in town with my thumb on the horn button. Fortunately on the Burgman, the horn button is in a comfortable position. But the stock horn is really useless. So when I put on the headlight modulator, I will also install a new louder horn.

I'm also going to see if I can get an extra solid state relay from comagination to use with the horn. This will allow the horn to pull the amperage it really needs without frying the horn switch. 8)
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