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Soon to be owner

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:D I have had a couple of posts to the forum as one wanting, but in a week I'll be one having :D OOOHHH YAHHHHH

I just put my down payment on a new burgy. With spring, Southern Indiana will be hailing the new bike in town. Thanks to all who made the decision easier.

I'll be looking forward to more posts and many miles of fun
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Having is better!

Great news
You'll soon see what all the fuss is about. Will it be a 650 or a 400 ?
born to run


I do so regret not venturing into the Hoosier National Forest when crossing
southern IN, July5th, 1998 (I-64).
The bug splats were very bad then, but now in the early spring, it's probably
a very nice ride.
If I close my eyes, I can smell the sap soaked wet leaves from here.

Have Fun !
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Congrats on your new purchase. I bet this week will seem like it takes forever to pass. Just like this winter.....sigh!
It's a 650. It's amazing that a grown man can feel like a kid at Christmas. The wait is a killer. It's a blue 2003. I really liked the blue, but it wasn't available on the 2004's, so the dealer searched around and was still able to find one plus they gave me a good it was a no-brainer.

Your right ajwood, the Hoosier National Forest is a fantastic place to get lost in and just cruise. Many weekends will be spent in that part of the state
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