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Some kudos for Suzuki

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I know we gripe a lot about Suzuki's lack of PR etc. and minor quibbles about our burgs, but let's give some credit where it's due.

I've been reading aobut Suzuki's generous sponsorship of the Canadian Biker magazines "Ride Into Summer" sweepstakes, etc.
Nice prizes, 3 free bikes including a Burgman 400.

Also I've been thinking how highly innovative their R&D is and how much we all love our burgs, and where would we be without them.
The 650 is a VERY high tech machine, light years ahead of most of the competition. Almost perfect!

Suppose Suzuki hadn't invented them?
Where would we be?

I'm grateful for what they have accomplished so far.
Who knows what the future will bring? :)

So on a positive note, 3 cheers for the Zuke. :wink:
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True, it is easy to look at the negative and gloss over the positive,
But let's not get carried away, did I hear someone say " Almost perfect". :roll: :lol:
If it was perfect, we wouldn't have any fun customizing it. :wink:
Suzuki's product design team is excellent. I've always said that. But these dummies they send to the bike shows have got to go. And they need to do a real recall once in a while when there are parts defects.

I've often leaned toward Suzuki and Kawasaki products over Honda (although I have owned Honda's occasionally). I read an interesting magazine article years ago, and I think it is still pertinent. It offered the opinion that at the much larger Honda corporation all design is done by large commitees. Therefore their products are solid, but sometimes rather unexciting. In the commitee process, they hedge their bets a lot, and avoid anything risky. The smaller Suzuki company has been more likely to give their guys the green light on a cool idea and let them go build it.
O.K. I am going to let my ignorance show. I thought someone said that the Burgman was a German engine or design sponsored under the Suzuki name. Are you saying that this design is actually Japanese? And that just the name of Burgman is German?

The Burgman (aka Skywave in Japan) was developed by a Suzuki team in Japan. It's marketed as the Burgman in most other countries. Here's a couple of threads discussing the name :

And here is an interview with the Burgman 250/400 designers :
Hey I agree....I have over the years bought more Suzuki's over the other manufacturers. The 650 is a silent gem that is getting recognition that it's due. If you think about how innovative that design is...a bold step to introduce a large displacement automatic two wheel vehicle. Not that it probably hasn't been done in the past but how well and reliable the product has proven to be. There hasn't been a single recall with it. I hope Suzuki reads these posts.
Back when I was looking for my first motorcycle a year ago I used to do a lot of reading on the board -- a board like this for owners of BMW 650 single-cylinder bikes. Those bikes have quite a few problems, the biggest one being a 'surging and stalling' issue where at certain rpm's the engine would surge or stall out. A lot of those f650 owners are people who enjoy vehicle maintenance to an extent and live with the quality problems of those bikes.

I've lately done A LOT of reading on this board, and I'm amazed at the almost complete lack of complaints about people's Burgmans. This is a huge testimony for Suzuki quality. Remember that people often come to these kinds of bulletin boards when they have problems, so if anything problems on these boards appear overreported for the number of Burgmans out there.

Another bike I was considering was the SV650 or V-Strom 650. Those bikes, too, got great reviews and seem to be very reliable as well.

There were a few people on the board who sold their bikes and got something else out of frustration. Even on the VW diesel board I'm on,, there are enough maintenance issues that a few folks have gotten fed up with the issues of their TDI, and have traded for a non-VW. (and if you think Suzuki dealers are clueless about Burgmans, VW dealers are even more of a pain and even more clueless about diesels!!!) But I haven't heard of anyone having so many problems with their Burgmans that they've sold or traded them in due to frustration.

Great job Suzuki.
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Yup. Concur.

My first new car was an 85 Suzuki Swift (uh, I mean Chevy Sprint) - loved it. My first real "trail bike" was a Suzuki TS50J, and my first newish, dealer bought street bike was a (2yo) sporty little GS450E. My first 75mph (non-street-legal) enduro was my new old stock DS185. Then, the first "most real street riding at speed with distance" was with my roommate's 79 GS750E (I had the car - he had the bike - we swapped out a lot...we were poor Navy 3rd class petty officers sharing a trailer.)

Lotza Zuki's (for me anyhow). And I liked all of them. Never felt "out classed" if that's the correct analogy...I think they make pretty cool stuff. I remember those kooky RM360's down by the moto-x track when I was riding that TS50J. Those looked and sounded alien! Prefered them to the big Elsinors (sp?) any day!

Now - the Moonpie.

I can't wait to see how the scootering / life interaction unfolds for me this spring!
Hey! I had an '87 Suzuki Swift and a 92 Geo Metro and I loved 'em both. I also had a TDI Jetta, Passat, and Golf (I like the Golf best). I owned a Suzuki motorcycle in the 70's. I don't remember much about it (college days, you know...) I just traded in a burgie 400 for an '05 650. I agree the quality of materials is excellent. The design? Yes, I think excellent, overall. The designers deserve recognition.
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