Hi All,

Well... it's been a while, huh? Yeah, a really long while. This is such a great forum. The best I've ever been a part of, honestly. So it saddens me to share that I'm selling my 2013 Burgman 650.

I bought this used at the end of 2018 and do not know anything about the previous owner. What I do know is that I've never had a lick of mechanical trouble with this bike. I replaced ALL fluids, including coolant, brake, and driveline fluids, back when I bought it. The most recent oil change was October last year, but I've only ridden it twice since then. That means the oil is due again next month. I can change the engine oil and filter for you before you buy it, or I can leave it for you to do as a bit of bonding with your new ride. It's been garage-kept on a battery-tender since I've owned it. Title free and clear and in-hand.

The slight upgrades:
-Alaska Leather Sheepskin butt pad
-Sonic Springs and new fork oil. Spring rate is 0.95 kg/mm (I weigh 220 lbs and this helped my ride quality tremendously).
-Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tires which I put on the bike not long after I got it. At most they have 1500 miles on them. They are still at the beginning of their life.
-Factory top case with the Suzuki metal mounting plate and matching painted cover plate and passenger backrest pad. I will include the original passenger backrest as well, uninstalled.
-Ermax sport windscreen (pictured below) for spring/summer/fall (pretty much all I've used as I don't ride in winter). Original OEM windscreen w/adjustable lip included too.
-Re-covered OEM seat with the adjustable driver butt pad removed. I've also got the original seat which is included, uninstalled.
-Factory heated grips, installed professionally by myself (yes, I did a really good job, don't worry).
-Kaoko throttle control with matching chrome bar end weight.

I have the orignal 2 keys, plus I bought 2 of those key blanks w/magnets from China and had them cut and added the magnets, so you'll get way too many keys with this bike... 4, to be precise. Also, this is not an Exec so the seat isn't heated, but here in NM I never really felt the need for a heated seat, anyway. You can buy the kit if you want to do it... I don't believe it's too difficult. Try the Alaska Sheepskin for a bit before you make that decision. It's always kept me bum plenty warm.

If I'm asking too much, let me know (I'm sure you guys will!). Any reasonable offers considered. Let's find a price that leaves us both walking away feeling screwed, yeah? Fly and rides also welcome... I can pick you up at the airport but I can't unfortunately offer lodging. It's not that I mind strangers in my home, but my wife has a thing about it. Sorry.

A couple pictures are below. I didn't want to clog up the post with a bunch of pics, so I can provide more close up of specific areas upon request.

The kegerator in the background is for sale, too.

Please forgive all the above awkward attempts at dry humor, and I look forward to hearing from you,


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