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Yea! No more miles and miles of static! I installed a boating type, waterproof 12v socket in the unused seat heat switch cover (USA). Now I can use the SnapXM radio plugin unit. It has some earbud audio output but not enough to overcome traffic noise, so I added an excellent FiiO E6 audio booster. Now, I have to dial down the will blow me away! This thing has hundreds of channels including my favorite "Patriot Channel" and MLB baseball. Service is kind of expensive at about $15/mo. but, I think it will be worth it the first trip I take. The SnapXM radio itself is quite cheap, they are dumping them for around $25. The E6 amp was another $20 off fleabay. The antenna pod picks up 4 bars (the max) through the plastic screen. If it starts raining, I'll have to just set it and stuff it into the glove box and to change channels, pull over and stop. At this price, I can live with that.


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