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roy_ryall said:
I like the blue on the 2003 400s. However, I did not like the same blue on the 650. I think it has to do with the longer narrower look of the 400. I was going to get a blue 400, but I decided to get a 2004 and the 2004 blue is a new color. From the pictures I saw, it is not a attractive as the 2003. I ordered a Silver 2004 400 to be safe. As far as visibility, there maybe not be much difference. Blue is darker, but silver is very hard to see on a sunny day also.
Hello out there. I am seeking the truth because it is out there (X-Files).
Why did you go from a 650 to a 400? Your size? Gas mileage? Weight?
Handling? etc? This is very interesting to a lot of us I am sure.

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roy_ryall said:
Terry, here is a message I posted before. If you have any other questions let me know.

"A number of people have asked me why I would change from a Burgman 650 to a 400. Here is a list of items I have come up with:

Lower seat height
Easier routine maintenance
Lower operating costs
Cheaper insurance
Simpler technology
Easier to operate at low speeds - lighter
It cruises at a high enough speed to handle any highway situation
Accelerates sufficiently (I may add a Malossi unit and/or a Leo Vince exhaust to remove the lag in acceleration from 25 to 45mph)
Handles sufficiently in the curves
I think I can do long distance touring on it
It might make me slow down a little
I always have been drawn to simpler things
Something new to try

The 650 is a great bike. All things considered, it is the best all round bike I have owned. It rides better, corners better, more comfortable than the 400, but the 400 has its own pluses (listed above).

Disclaimer: I have only ridden a 400 for about 200 miles in various driving environments, but I think it is a good move for me. If not, I can whine about it later."

Roy, soon to be 400, tn usa
Roy, thats a real good post. You have provided lots of good & interesting information. I like this forum. I too am concerned about long distance travel. I am planing a trip to CA in the future, one way 3000 miles, and quite a few 500 mi trips one way, and in March or April a 1300 one way.
I like the MPG aspect of the 400, the low seat height, and ease of maintenance. I like the thought of the power of the 650, and I guess thats the only thing that is very important to me on the 650, or the most important thing.
There is a note in the book "Idiots guide to motorcycling" that states:
"One famious Iron Butt rider rode the race on a Honda Helex 250cc, 12,000 miles in 11 days." What he was saying was that any bike can be a touring bike, its just how comfortable & quickly you want to complete your journey. The Iron Butt Rally is held every year where one circles the US and to see how many miles one can travel in 11 days. Its all organized and there are winners and losers.
Please keep us informed of your choice and the merits of your decision.
Thanks Roy!
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