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signal light problem

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do y'all ever had a problem with signals that sometime works sometime not working... I have magic blinkers installed two years ago, not sure that cause that or bad contact somewhere? I want to ask on here before I do something to my bike

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The magic blinkers (are THESE the ones?) have been working for two years, so they're probably not the root cause of the problem. Sounds like a connection issue to me.

Do the lights fail after any particular set of circumstances? Riding in the rain? Bumpy road? After a long day on the road? If so, it's almost certainly a connection issue. It probably wouldn't take you even a half hour to re-do all of the connections, have a minimal cost for some fresh solder/connectors, and it certainly won't hurt anything. Look for little scorch marks while you're doing the job; if you find them at a connection point, then that's the one.

And if it isn't, just looking closely inside there may well reveal the real problem.
Oh yeah I ride in any rough weather with rain.
Gonna open up the switch on handlebar and give a good cleaning like I did on right side switch and made youtube tutorial video how to clean :)
Hope that will fix, if not then I go look at wires
Yes that's exactly magic blinkers I have on my burgman
Sounds like it's your Magic Blinker ,Mitch , China made Japan and China don't Mix ,there going to be problems had this issue Once, But it turned out to be the Blinker Unit it self, which Autozone is Made in Italy, Had to solder one end, Seem to have fixed the Problem.

Mitch, I had Magic Blinkers for years. Then one side would be dimmer the the other. After I bought a second set and they worked for another couple years and again one went dim. I had checked all my wiring and voltage drops, everything was spot on the money. I then ordered a set of 10 (5 pin) Single Pole- Double Throw (SPDT) relays and wired them in place of the Magic blinkers. No more issues so far.

A Magic blinker is a transistor that acts like a SPDT relay. If you do a search of my posts you should find my topic on this mod. It is an easy mod to do and you making a Y-tube vid would be real nice for everyone to see how easy it could be.

I have a couple of Magic blinkers around here I will not use. I could shoot ya one in the post for a quick repair.
One thing about the Stock Blinker is it is not a SPDT relay It's more a Circuit that just Was not a Good Blinker and Kept the Lights on to long on Repeating ,Did not make any Noise ,was one of the reasons to Replace it with a Clicker So you could Here it When Turned On when Blinking , LEDS did not work with It Because of Hyper flash, Some store One's are all ready equipped with Hyper flash-Stop Circuits. from the look of the Stock it's more Brighter then the Leds, The Leds on those are not as Bright One reason Why i chose to Make My Own Turn Signal LEDS because the One's on the Market are Still Not as Bright as the Stock, I still have my Silver Star Bulbs installed untill, i can find a Led that's Bright , The Only one is Vleds the V3 Triton 430 Lm on Amber But $140 is to Steep I can Build them for just $30 Bucks Using 600 to 900 Lumens ,I converted a Silver Star By Cutting Out the Filaments, inserted a 900 Lumen, But Accidentally cooked it. Not an Heat Problem But Voltage i forgot to connect the driver. My Goof

here's One of Mitch Videos
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