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Side Cases

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Well the Fehling racks arrived today, and (as others have mentioned) despite the instructions being totally in German, who unlike the Swiss don't seem to like pictures... I got them on with my only mistake being putting the clasp lock lug for the side-cases on upside down, no biggie to correct.

They mount to existing hard points on the scoot, no drilling or such required. On the 650 they have 4 mounting points each side, 1 to the passenger footrest where you replace the factory bolt with a longer on that has a spacer on it, 2 under the grab rails into the existing bolt holes for optional OEM tie down mounts and the 4th is around back where both sides tie in together and mount into one of the fender hard mount points.

I know lot's of you give Kiwi Dave his due props, but I liked having the 4 support points the Fehling racks offer as well as for personal ascetics I like the look of the tubes more than the plate.

Thanks to an unexpected stop at the local Suzuki shop yesterday, where I got a great package price on a Joe Rocket Ballistic 12.0 jacket and K21 side cases I'm ready to go... (the K21 are exactly the same as E21 just with a Kappa sticker instead of Givi..) Now I just have to get around to installing the new bi-colour Admore Lighting side case light kit that's sitting on my desk...

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Looking Great! Happy Trails! :thumbup: :D
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