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I would just like to give a shout out to PJ's Parts for the Best Customer Service Ever! Thanks PJ & Paige!!

I ran into a real problem with all the after-market muffler manufactures discontinuing the full exhaust for the pre-2007 Burgman 400's. I absolutely did not want another OEM exhaust so after an exhausting search I found an Italian manufacturer MIVV that made them. I search for their American vendor and found PJ's Parts but......They did not have it listed in their inventory of Sports Bike accessories. I contacted them and they were more than happy to do the leg work and solve my problem. They are more than willing to help out the Scooter Nation and I give them Kudos!
They can order the MIVV exhausts for all years of the 400's and the Fabbri Windscreens which look pretty sweet.

It is a wonderful change these days when you get surprised by good caring customer service. ;)
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