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Should I buy?

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I've been looking at this Burgman 650 for almost two years now. I am seriously considering buying one this spring. Only thing I'm not sure of is the transmission and or clutch. Have heard a lot of bad things about them, don't like the idea of being stranded can anyone tell me is this a big problem or a lot of hot-air?
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First I've heard that the Burgman has a problem. There is no clutch so no problem there. The transmission is actually called a CVT which is a belt that runs between pulleys. I've only heard of one person who had a bearing failure and its being repaired under warranty. I say stop looking and start buying . :D
The only consistent problem (if you want to call it that) is a dieseling noise at idle caused by a small gear in the CVT train. It's not really a problem though.
should i buy

there is a clutch on the 650 burgman. it is of the automatic type ,& is a wet multi-plate ,centrifugal clutch. it is intergrated as part of the SECVT system. it engages & disengages automaticaly as a function of RPM, at aproximately 1000-1500.
Rich B & buy!!

A little suggestion....if you're planning on between 6 & 7 grand for the 650, think about including the Givi 52 Topbox with related backrest & mounting hardware....just over $400, but, included in your potential loan, it won't affect the payment outcome that much....the topbox is worth it in terms of storage, safety, and looks!! And take the time to install it's not that the bucks....don't let the dealership install it. Just a suggestion!!
Take care!!
Should I Buy


Would like to know where you got information about bad transmission. I don't recall anybody at this forum or any of the European sites complaining about bad transmissions. I've got 3750 trouble free miles. The Burgy transmission is absolutely smooth power. Governed by the onboard computer this bike is NEVER and I do mean NEVER at a loss for power. You never have to think/judge how many gears you need to downshift to pass. Get a firm grip, twist and GO.
Should I buy

:D OK would like to thank everyone for all their help hoped to find a new bike sometime in March or April :D
Two Years?????

I spent less time that that dating my wife.

Jump on it, man, you'll die of old age first if you don't.

There IS a warranty, you know.
Touched a nerve!


Watch what you say, as you've touched a nerve :twisted:

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Touched By A Nerve

I still hear folks say that motorcycles are dangerous but most of them don't ride.
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