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How much were you charged to replace the CVT belt at a Suzuki dealership? Part and labor combined.

Shocked at quoted price to change CVT belt.

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Local dealer wanted $450 to change the CVT belt for my 07 K7. :shock: I assume that is too high, but by how much? For those that have had it done completely at the dealer how much were you charged? I don't have a lot of free time and was thinking about having the dealer do it, but not anymore. Put your answer in the poll. You may vote on more than one since you may have had it done more than once.
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nitrogary said:
just an extra note here...if you are using an impact whether it be air or electric, you really wont need the variator holding tool. I use an air impact and I just zip them on and off.
I've always removed the nuts with an impact gun but always put them back on with a torque wrench. Be careful if you are going to put the nuts back on with an impact gun, one mistake especially with the nut on the variator, you will be looking at a very high repair bill to replace the crankshaft.
What should those bolts get torqued to?
Clutch bell nut = 61.5 lb ft
Variator Nut = 76 lb ft
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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