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How much were you charged to replace the CVT belt at a Suzuki dealership? Part and labor combined.

Shocked at quoted price to change CVT belt.

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Local dealer wanted $450 to change the CVT belt for my 07 K7. :shock: I assume that is too high, but by how much? For those that have had it done completely at the dealer how much were you charged? I don't have a lot of free time and was thinking about having the dealer do it, but not anymore. Put your answer in the poll. You may vote on more than one since you may have had it done more than once.
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Yea as mentioned I am going to do it after a quote like that. :thumbup: There is a bit more to the story, but I think I might save that for another thread since it is unrelated for the most part and worth its own thread without hijacking this one. :wink:
mike1nw said:
Hey trsman, I am an hour from Pensacola FL, if you need help, it's a nice ride for me :)
Oh, cheap cycle parts belt is $164, but you have to use the dealer translator and come up with about, oh I dunno, maybe $250 for the part :D :D :D
Hey Mike thanks for the offer, I may just take you up on that. I am considering changing the clutch at the same time. I began tearing it down last night but with limited time I just got the Tupperware and CVT cover removed. Where are you from? I work in Orange Beach.
mike1nw said:
[Removal of Tupperware not necessary, use a 1/4 inch drive ratchet and 5/16 or 8 mm deep socket to remove 8mm cover bolts.
Plastic outer cover can be removed without removing TW.] < You already did that part :)

I am on Eastern shore of Mobile Bay :)

Do you have:
torque wrench, and 15/16 or 24mm socket
Holding tool (I made one)
Two bolts (I think 8 mm diameter) to thread into case to push it off the clutch bearing.
I have a torque wrench and the sockets. I have the bolts to push off the case cover. I have the special homemade y shaped tool plus electric impact wrench which I am hopeful will do the trick for both. I am not sure if I have the socket if I decide to remove and replace the clutch which I think is 2 1/8 inch?
What should those bolts get torqued to?
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