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I just bought my new 650 Exec a few weeks ago and I'm lovin it! I figured out what the "Burgman smile" is all about.

My wife rides with a me a lot of evenings, and didn't care for the Exec's backrest all that much...too low for her taste. So I set out to install the Shad SH45 trunk that I had removed from my trade-in. The Shad come with a matching plastic baseplate, but it flexes a bit, so I backed it up with a piece of 1/4" aluminum plate that I cut down to match. I drilled the three holes in the alum plate to match the Exec's backrest mounting bolt holes, as well a 8 holes to bolt the alum plate to the Shad baseplate. I measured and cut the three spacers to raise the plate off the tail, made sure that the seat would not hit the plate when opening/closing, and bolted her down tight. Very rigid.

One thing that i did was to cut a forward-sloping angle on all three spacers so the aluminum/baseplate slopes downward in the front to better match the lines of the bike. This forward tilt also puts the backrest a little further forward for my wife (her preference), and makes the trunk lid stay open on its own while loading/unloading.

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