With a heavy heart, I am looking to sell my 2007 Burgman 650. I love it dearly, and it still runs great (minor issues / damages detailed below), but living in Chicago and got a car a few months ago, so I can't justify the space keeping it around. Would love to see it to someone else who can get some more regular use out of it. Willing to drive it for sale within a ~200 mile radius of Chicago (Madison, Springfield, Kalamazoo, Fort Wayne, etc). I have the title, VIN, registration, etc and have been keeping in in my garage since April. Paid $2,900 when I bought it in 2021; open to cash / paypal.

Current Odometer ~ 18,000 Miles
Bought pre-owned in 2021, driven about 2,000 miles on it personally.

Video link (shows close up view, ignition, and basic operation): | Will take additional pictures when lighting is nicer and happy to take pics on requrest.

Known Issues / Damage:
  • Right side of windshield chipped
  • Left headlight cracked and taped up (have replacement, just haven't installed).
  • Gas tank panel missing screw / spring, secured with tape for over a year with no issues (have a replacement panel but unable find replacement screw / spring).
  • Ignition switch button missing spring; DIY replacement switch installed (cork and nail to prevent switch from getting stuck down).

    If you are interested, please comment / message me.