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Have been spending a lot of time on the Corbin site lately.
I have been looking into creating a shorter reach to the ground for 650 I'm getting soon. I have a 29" inseam.
My dealer recommended shaving a little of the foam off or having it done.
Jim tells me there is only about 5/8" of foam to start with, so I can't gain much there, unlless I want to sit on the naked pan under the vinyl. :(

Corbin offers a "close" model which is closer to the dash than the regular model (which is a little farther back than the stock seat apparently).

Does that mean it is the same as the stock seat or closer?

They also hint that the seat height is lower too, (which is my main interest), but I can't tell by how much. 1/2" to 1" would probaly do for me.

All things being equal (seat height wise), I am sure that the leather is more comfortable than the vinyl will be.

Pricey of course, but maybe worthwhile!
Their backrests are way cool too. :)

Another incentive for the "close" seat option is it still has the same capacity for two full face helmets etc., while the other seat states it does not.

Any thoughts on this anyone?
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Corbin Seat

The nicest way to get a Corbin is to make an apointment on Saturdays to work with the Corbin Craftsmen to get the seat made custom. In this fashion, you can try it some before the wrap it up in the covering of your choice.
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